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… be transported to a vibrant East Asian street setting, with a menu which has bags of character too. Packed with amazing flavours and textures, you can choose from bold aromatic dishes, fiery stir-fries and delicious noodle classics, or slow-cooked curries and healthy broths brimming with goodness.

So come and fall in love with the fantastic and varied cuisines from this incredible part of the world

It's time for a tasty tour

Like the traders and adventurers before us, we’ve travelled all over East Asia to bring back our favourite dishes for you to try. We’ve recreated the flavours and aromas traditionally found at restaurant of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur,Singapore ,Beijing and Tokyo. And just like in kitchens across East Asia, we make our sauces and stocks here every day from the freshest market produce
Pangan Restaurant

Jiang si fried duck

Freshly roasted duck wok fried with ginger, onion, scallion, sweet soy sauce


Asahi, pronounced “Ah-Sah-Hee” means “Rising Sun” and is Japan’s number one premium beer known for its clean, crisp and refreshing taste. It is brewed by an authentic Japanese recipe using only the finest natural ingredients.

chicken gyozas

Homemade chicken dumplings served with spice kikkoman soy sauce


Part of our favourite dishs

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