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What We Do


Acupuncture focus on physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual problems including:
Anxiety and depression
Arthritis and rheumatism Asthma
High blood pressure
Menstrual cramps
Skin problems
Pain relief in childbirth
Addiction - smoking, alcohol and drugs


Massage is a holistic therapy which simply means it makes you feel good all over. Some of the positive side-effects of an expertly applied professional massage include:
Relieving body aches and pains
Improving flexibility
Repairing injured, tired or strained muscles
Improving skin elasticity and youthfulness
Promoting tissue re-generation
Reducing the visibility of scars and stretch marks

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine can treat a wide variety of conditions either as a primary treatment or in conjunction with conventional medicine or other treatments and is especially useful in chronic illness. Conditions often seen by herbalists include:
Allergies, hayfever, asthma
Eczema, acne and other skin complaints
Anxiety, depression & stress related conditions
Digestive and bowel conditions
Cystitis and prostate enlargement

Item Allergy Test

We test wide range foods and household items from a small sample of your hair.


Acupuncture  / 50 Euro

Acupressure / 40 Euro

Lighting / 20 Euro

Cupping / 20 Euro

Moxibustion / 40 Euro

Osteopathic/ 40 Euro

Ear Point / 20 Euro

Ear Candles / 30 Euro

Reflexology / 60 Euro



Massage 25 Euro / 10 mins

Massage 40 Euro / 20 mins

Massage 50 Euro / 30 mins

Massage 50 Euro / 30 mins



150 items allergy test  / 99 Euro

600 items intolerance test / 149 Euro

allergy test + intolerance test/198 euro


allergy test + intolerance test/198 euro


about us

Dr Acupuncture is one of the Ireland's most popular and affordable acupuncture clinics with highly trained licensed professionals. Our mission is to provide a medically sound and cost-effective solution to your health conditions.

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Tallaght, Dublin 24

Unit 133D, Level 1, The Square SC, Tallaght, Dublin 24

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