ShenLing BaiZhu Wan 参苓白术丸


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ShenLing BaiZhu Wan is a regarded ancient Chinese herbal formula that both nourishes the spleen to support digestive function and removes dampness.                                                                 In Chinese medicine,the spleen is in charge of absorbing and transporting the netrients from digestion around the body and transporting them into Yin,Yang and Qi energy.etc,when the spleen function is weak,adsorption is affected,causing pale face,low energy,poor appetite,loose stod.                                             A major function is to nourish the spleen and support healthy digestion.                              Another main function is to remove dampness in the spleen and the stomach,so it may be applied to reduce temporary water-weight gain.It is most suotable for those who sit most of the time in the office oron a sofa,are tired of moving or exercsing,and/or have loose skin and soft muscles.


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